Mission: To Facilitate Live Communities Who Want To Feel "In The Moment" Action Sports.

Vision: Leverage The Best Tech And Camera Angles To Create An Immersive Experience Because People Want To Feel Like They Are A Part Of The Action

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Imagine surfing a pipeline in Hawaii alongside Kelly Slater, skydiving in Spain, flying through the mountians of Norway with a wingsuit flyer, hangliding in San Diego, skate boarding with Tony Hawk in Los Angeles or heli-skiing in Alaska, but all in the same day!

That is what we have created just for you with ActionSports.Live.

With live streaming platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live alongside near-live video apps like Snapchat, special ActionSports.Live technology will make you feel like you are really in the moment of what is happening, experiencing action sports through the eyes of the athlete. You hear the action sport athletes take their last breath before executing their game, talk personally to them moments before and after their event and reach out to others who are watching live with you, as your now part of a special community of action sports fans and adventure junkies.

ActionSports.Live will be producing action sports throughout the year from deserts to snow covered mountains, from the deepest oceans to the wildest rivers and from underwater reefs to skydiving, you will have a connection to a world of adventure you are not just watching, but you become a part of.

As well as over 30 vertical sports covered across our platform channels , we will create special ActionSports.Live event days' between 4-8 times a year, where all our stars and viewers come together to collaborate, interact and celebrate with humans who were born to push the boundaries of how we can fly, swim,ski, & push our senses to discover, all of which will be broadcast live, where you are as much the star of the adventure as the hosts themselves, giving you a gift, as a viewer and interactor, one of the most immersive and experiential moments of your life to remember.

We kick off our 1st ActionSports.Live event day this Summer 2016.  During which, ActionSports.Live events we will be transporting you from one action sport to another throughout the day. We will take you with us, behind the scenes, the moments after completion of an event, seconds before our action sports personalities are focused on getting into the zone of their run or dive.

What makes ActionSports.Live so different is that it is all live, as it happens in real time, where you can access a world of action sports at a touch of the button of your live streaming app of choice.

We transport you to locations thousands of miles away, featuring action sports events where our ActionSports.Live ambassadors from all over the world take you with them as they want you with them, talking to them, as a community that lives and breathes every hair raising moment they face and excites them as much as you to have you guys there with them. We are all in this together guys and that's why we created this whole immersive experience for you to enjoy.

Accessing our Events

You can access our ActionSports.Live events by downloading the Live streaming Video App called Periscope, which already has 30 million followers worldwide after only 9 months, while to watch us on Facebook Live you just need to subscribe to our Facebook Page and sign up for notifications so you will always know when we go live throughout the year. There isn't a separate app for Facebook Live as it exists in your existing Facebook App.

Remember to subscribe for notifications on the Periscope app also as that's an opt-in feature.

We will have a near-live Video experience on everyone's favourite video app, Snapchat, so you can dip in and out of a day's coverage and see the highlights.

Later in 2016 we will be adding the YouTube Live feature when it is released. In the meantime look out for our live streaming channel notifications and features with our sponsor and live streaming partners, which will be announced across our Facebook page, ActionSports.Live App (coming soon), and website.


To all advertisers and sponsors, ActionSports.Live have partnered with RiiKR STUDIOS, the Social Media Video Native Advertising Engine of choice amongst global brands.

As a commercial social media partner & Native Advertising partner of our channel, we will be building a unique 360 view of our viewers across all sports and locations. Over 30 social media and behavioural data platforms are contributing to our wealth of intelligence on people's interests preferences and behaviour alongside key binary data in viewership at all levels, where we can track how viewers Favourability turns towards your brands when they are featured within the content we stream, where we drive community collaboration live with the help of our in-stream directors.

What this means for advertisers is that you get exclusive insight into planning, optimising and evaluating campaigns with the deepest insight ever provided for a Live streaming audience where you can influence Favourability, in a realtime capacity, towards your brand or away from your competitors.

Enroll now and you will:

Make History

You will be a part of the first ever live stream event

Learn New Strategies

If you are an athlete we will teach you new live stream strategies and tech tools to take your live streams to the next level

Grow Your Community

If you are a athlete, brand,  or business, we will expose you, your product, or service to new people by participating in LiveXStream events

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